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Trek Road Bike Range Guide

The Trek road bike range is constantly evolving. For the 2023 model year Trek have introduced new frames for their carbon road bikes and have continued to tweak and improve their aluminium bikes. In this guide we’ll walk you through the range and look at which bikes work best for different types of rider.

Trek Generations
For 2023 Trek have introduced the concept of generations. Bikes like the Domane SL now come as Gen 3 or Gen 4. This is a similar concept to Apple use with the iPhone. The Gen 4 bike is the latest model with a new frame. The Gen 3 model uses the same frame as 2022 but is a few hundred pounds cheaper. Trek have done this partly to offer more choice, but also due to ongoing supply chain issues. Carrying on making some of the older bikes mean more bikes reach the shop floor.

Men’s and women’s bikes
All of Trek’s road bikes are unisex. Trek do vary the bikes slightly according to size. So the smaller bikes will often have a different saddle, different bars, cranks and brakes. This makes them easier to handle for smaller riders.

Trek’s road bikes come with different letters after the name. This tells you the type, and quality, of material the frame is made from.

AL = Aluminium
ALR = The best quality aluminium
SL = Carbon fibre
SLR = The best quality carbon fibre
As well as a better-quality raw material the ALR and SLR bikes will often be made using more expensive techniques. So you are getting the best of the best in terms of frame material, design and build.

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